A Parting Shot

LUT, or Lancashire United Transport, was just hanging onto its identity as a subsidiary of Greater Manchester PTE at its Atherton depot. By the end of 1981 it was no more. But it had been running this service linking Liverpool and Manchester airports for some years and in 1981 was still working at it. The service strangely did not allow for travel from intermediate points to Liverpool, only to Manchester airport. Perhaps this was a condition of its licence, the service travelling through the operating areas of Warrington, Widnes and Crosville into Liverpool Corporation territory.

I would have found this leaflet on one of those rotating racks in the council information office in Runcorn.

Leaflet cover [there was a vertical fold down the centre making the leaflet look less cluttered than the flattened view presented here]

At first glance I thought the car park sign was a flat computer monitor like the one I’m looking up at now but such a thing was unthinkable then. Even in 1981 three-colour printing was a luxury and the graphics and typography hadn’t changed much in ten years or more. I Am Annoyed by The Inconsistent Capitalisation though.

Frightening the public with the suggestion of full car parks may have been a profitable marketing ploy at the time and the encouragement to book seats with local ABTA travel agents seems unwieldy but in the age of the internet such arrangements are far simpler now than we could imagine back then.

If this text is too small to read on the web page try zooming in or open the image in its own window…

I don’t know whether this service survived the full integration of LUT into GMPTE in 1981. In later years and with the redevelopment of Speke into John Lennon Airport and booming trade to new destinations in Europe from Liverpool, Arriva and Terravision have in more recent times attempted to link the two cities and their airports in a similar way to cash in on the increased traffic but with only limited success. The best you can hope for at the moment is a bus link from JLA to Liverpool South Parkway station and onto the rail network you go.

I remember seeing one of those LUT coaches going through Widnes towards Speke. There was nobody on it.

Author: crisparmour

In my fragmented and unremarkable career I have spent over 20 years working in the bus industry in various roles. Prior to that I became interested in transport as a very young child and, as soon as I was considered old enough, launched myself into the world of bus enthusiasts. Off and on I have amassed an archive of photographs of my own and a substantial collection of timetables, maps and publicity. In time I will share much of this with the world with one proviso: please respect my copyright and do not upload my photographs to your own sites or social media. If you like what you see by all means use the "share" facility on each post to share a link so that your friends can come here and enjoy.

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